More Smut Than Poetry

As to the poetic quality of this I’m unsure… but it felt good as hell to write.


Visual Inspiration

I adore writing with a visual stimulus. Every once in a blue moon I’ll share a visual stimulus with M and we’ll both write to see what we both come up with from the the same picture. It’s interesting how our minds work so differently.

This was the photo he chose that acted as the spring board for this poem:

Attempt Number 1

I’ve never shared this with anyone. I’ve never had a reason to.

I’d been going to therapy for a long time before this happened, and for a while after; and yet I never thought to bring it up to my therapist.

I wrote this probably around 20 minutes after this event occurred. I never called an ambulance, I never called my grandparents, I never called my bestfriend.

I dealt with the situation. I wrote my poem. I cut my wrist to ribbons. I got up, took a shower, plastered a smile on my face, cared for my brother, cleaned up the mess; and got on with my life like nothing had ever happened.

Demon Eyed Witch

The one thing I’ve always liked about myself is my eyes. The one thing my family have always noticed is that my eyes very slightly change colour depending on my emotional state. I wanted to play with that idea and think about the emotional connotations of colours.

Somewhat A Love Letter

I don’t think I’d ever be able to confess my love for someone. I don’t know if I’d ever actually be able to trust someone deep enough to tell them I love them…

This is all I want tho. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just this. So if my future soul mate is reading this, than take notes. I’m a very simple young woman and I require very little. Nothing material, nothing splendid or fancy, nothing ornate.

Back Again…

So much has happened these past six months that I’ve no had the time or even desire to write or publish anything on here.

I have no muse, no inspiration, and no motivation.

But, somehow I feel I must at least post what little I’ve managed to scrap together in my inactive state.