After the day I’ve just had it’s felt so beautiful to just write, and see what comes out.


Working From Prompts…

I’m really truly not at all keen on this, but I am conscious of going too long without posting anything.

This is another byproduct of attending the English Teachers Writing Group the other day. The prompt for this writing task was really rather difficult. We were given an extract from one of George Eliot’s novels and had to some how work from a line or two or a couple of words. I choose to focus on the line that spoke of a two logs haven “fallen apart, and sent forth only an uncertain glimmer”.

I’d been wanting to write about some form of the Mayan human sacrifice process for a while now so took the opportunity to blend the two together.

Hard To Embrace My Womanhood Sometimes.

I dreamt of watching others climb a volcano to harvest the hallucinogenic honey that is made in Nepal last night.

I woke up really out of breath and all hot and flustered.

Feeling like this every month is such a pathetic byproduct of being a woman. Why is it we must become entrapped in unwanted desire. Why is it our bodies humiliate us by being turned on by literally everything just to trick us into getting pregnant.