Flee! Yes Flee This..

I always fall back on this fun and challenging technique when I’ve not written in a while. Someone once called it ‘antimony poetry’. Basically, you choose an existing poem and write poem beside that one but make it contra. It can be opposite in that word for word is flipped or just what you see as being pivotal can be changed. It’s so open to interpretation! 

I chose one of my favourite Edgar Allan Poe poems – El Dorado as the centre of this antimony poem. And it was freeing. 

Edgar Allan Poe’s original poem can be found here: 



Someone Else’s Shoes..

I went to another poetry workshop a few weekends ago… and we were asked to work on a poem with the concept that we are something else. Not someone else, but something. An inanimate object. How does one place upon an emotionless object human emotion? It’s a challenge for sure. But a creative and imaginative challenge. And I’ll never say no to that.

I personally decided to choose ‘sand’ – why? Because sand is so easily pushed around and manipulated and I guess I somewhat can relate to that. I come from a strong willed family, and my mother being a single mum has always been a stunning example of a strong, independent woman. But there is still something within me that feels like a victim. Like something to be pushed around and I want to fight against that so much, because it’s suffocating.