I am a classic overthinker.. to the point where at times I feel as if I’m going insane, to the point of paranoia, and delusions.

I have to constantly remind myself that actually:
You can do this.
It doesn’t matter.
Everyone thinks differently.
There is nothing wrong with you.

It’s hard but I try my best to keep myself sane. And I just broke yesterday. Truly broke. I’m sat staring at a blank word document, deadline in 13 hours, still caught up on my paranoid belief that something may have been said. How can it? There is nothing that can possibly be said about me that isn’t already known. This is why I’m an open person. Nothing is hidden from the people that make me happy.

I need to let go. I need to drink more water. I need to keep taking my tablets.

I’m not broken, no matter how much I may feel as if I am.


I truly apologise for having been AWOL for so long… this dissertation is turning out to be the death of me. I’ve got around 3000 words left to write and my deadline is the 15th of this month, so only a few days away. It’s do-able, it has to be. I need to graduate this year. 

I’ve got a few poems in the pipeline, as ever, that I’d like to cathartically finish off after my dissertation is handed in. So expect some new work soon! 

– T.K.